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GLEAC, June 2, 2023 — GLEAC, a leading provider of innovative learning solutions, brings mentors and industry professionals together to give unrivalled assistance and knowledge.

The distinctive flash mentoring structure of GLEAC is one of its most notable aspects. Users of the GLEAC app can quickly receive expert feedback whenever they practise a skill, obtaining valuable insight and analysis in real time. This interactive learning process improves skill development and encourages ongoing progress.

In addition to digital learning, GLEAC provides live, expert-led talk presentations where attendees can gain knowledge about a variety of topics, such as ESGs, Web 3, A.I., performance, and coaching for team transformation. Participants get the chance to learn directly from well-known professionals during these intensive seminars, obtaining priceless information and keeping ahead in a quickly changing environment.

What sets GLEAC apart is their commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. They understand that every person is unique and tailor their learning solutions to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal results and lasting connections.

Using NFT and blockchain technology, GLEAC’s revolutionary strategy enables users to get access to exclusive perks like 5 hours of focused time with the world’s top intellectuals. Users get unrivalled access to cutting-edge patents, a closed network of worldwide experts, and an endless array of chances for career growth and cooperation.

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